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Baker Stirling acts for individuals with personal and financial interests in both the US and the UK. We provide integrated advice on the complex cross-border matters facing UK individuals with assets in the US, and for US individuals with assets in the UK. Both jurisdictions have distinct legal systems and complex tax regimes. Baker Stirling has a clear understanding of the interaction between the two regimes, and recognises the need for joined-up, cost effective advice on overseas probate work, international succession and cross-border planning.

International Probate

When someone dies, their estate must be administered in a process known as probate. This includes managing and gathering in their property, paying inheritance tax, and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries. Our team advises on the administration of estates for UK nationals who owned assets in the US, and for US nationals who owned assets in the UK. The different laws and taxes in the UK and the US mean that this process can be complicated and time-consuming. Baker Stirling has the in-depth knowledge of estate and tax law in each jurisdiction, and a strong understanding of how these laws interact. Our team handles a great number of complex and high-value international estates, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that the estates of our clients are successfully administered as efficiently and affordably as possible, and to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Whether you require advice on completing probate yourself, or else would rather we take over the entire estate administration process on your behalf, Baker Stirling can tailor the service to your needs. We also provide consultancy services to US law firms and other professionals requiring specialist advice on international estate administration. Our advice ensures that assets pass to the correct beneficiaries in the most timely and tax-efficient manner achievable.

International Succession & Cross-Border Planning

Baker Stirling provides advice to ex-pats who still have assets in the UK, and to individuals living in the UK whose official home for tax purposes is in the US. We work closely with a network of firms across the US to ensure that our clients’ needs can be met, and if our clients have existing US advisors then we adapt to work alongside them as necessary.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • drafting wills and related estate planning documents for clients with exposure to both UK inheritance tax and US estate taxes
  • advising on handling international trusts and wealth management structures
  • advising US citizens or green card holders who are UK residents in relation to their tax exposure and reporting obligations