Probate & Estate Administration

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Baker Stirling's experienced probate team can handle all aspects of estate administration, providing you and your family with the professional advice and support you need to assist you during what can be a very difficult time. We have particular expertise in representing UK estates with foreign assets as well as foreign estates with UK assets. Our unique ability to navigate complex cross-border rules and requirements is a valuable benefit to our clients who require assistance in liquidating and distributing these assets.

‘Probate’ is the legal authority for a person to deal with the affairs of somebody who has died. The Grant of Probate is the document issued by the Probate Registry to the executors of a Will to authorise them to administer the Estate.

Where there is no Will, the Court will issue Letters of Administration to the next of kin. Both a Grant of Probate and a Grant of Letters of Administration are commonly termed ‘Probate’, and the people named in the Grant are legally responsible and ultimately liable for the administration of the estate of the deceased.

Without obtaining a Grant of Representation, you cannot usually sell or deal with any of the deceased’s assets or close any accounts or transfer funds. It is therefore a vital step in the Estate Administration process. Baker Stirling will help guide you through this complex process, ensuring that all of the necessary steps are completed correctly.